Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday!!!

I was just introduced from another blog to "Thankful Thursdays". In God's Word it says to give thanks always. As a mother of four, I'm sitting on the couch thinking about my day and how glad I am that it is over and have been challenged to be thankful and convicted that I have not been thankful. This has been a crazy day starting out with Kaityn being sick and not sleeping and for about a 30 min. span of time did nothing but scream at the top of her lungs. She was attached to my hip almost all day. No wonder my arms and neck are sore. Have you ever tried doing laundry, cooking, run after three others & eat with one hand. I guess that's what being a Mom is , huh? Even though it was a rough day I am to be thankful and "do everything without grumbling or complaining." So here goes...."Thankful Thursday!" I better hurry the day is almost over.

1. I am thankful for God and His Word gently leading me to His throne, and for His UNCONDITIONAL love. I know who I really
am and just the thought of him loving me is humbling.

2. Thankful for my great husband Chris who works hard so I can stay home with my great kids. I also loves how he makes me laugh - I'm too serious. (no amen's please).

3. I am thankful for Christopher & his constant energy. I wish I could have some.

4. I am thankful for Kaibryn and her willingness to help me do ANYTHING. The macaroni tonight was AWESOME!!! :)

5. I am thankful for our little miracle Cooper. He just makes me smile and has fun in everything that he does.

6. I am thankful for Kaityn ( even though she did not sleep today) and her smile. I love that even though we know she can
take steps she walks on her knees over to her momma and lifts her hands to be picked up.

7. I am thankful for a dishwasher (in our last home for 5 years - NO dishwasher).

8. I am thankful for Sonic - Large Vanilla Diet Coke...easy ice - there's nothing tastier - I'm also thankful for my husband who
allows me to go all the time - I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!!!

9. I am thankful for friends who call to check on me and how the kids are feeling.

10. I am thankful that my babysitters (mom & dad) are coming home from Hawaii tomorrow.

11. I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday.

12. I am thankful to hear my kids recite John 3:16.

13. I am thankful that I am sitting here on the couch and my living room is clean.

14. I am thankful that we got a Nintendo Wii for the kids (yeah right :)) and I can beat Chris at Guitar Hero.

15. I am thankful that even though Kaityn STILL gets up in the middle of the night she goes right back to sleep.

Wow...I could keep going of how the Lord has blessed us. We are truly NOTHING without Him. I need to be more thankful.

16. I am thankful that I found my friends blog and was challenged to be thankful!!!!!