Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year (Late)!!!

Happy New Year to everyone. It has been such a long time since I have posted a blog so I thought I would give an update as to what is going on in the Anderson household. With four children around there is never a dull moment and barely a moment to just breathe. However, as I am typing this I guess I have a free moment because I am able to type this with no children around :).
Christopher is 6. He knows only one speed - FAST. Very rarely does he just walk to go somewhere. Usually he is jumping or hopping. He is already such a leader. One day last week we met Chris at McDonald's for lunch and right away there were 3 or 4 kids following him around. He had them obeying his every command very quickly. As we were eating the kids were hollaring at Christopher to see if he was finished eating. We made him finish his lunch. He took bites inbetween the instructions he was giving them. He is a great big brother and always willing to help especially if he is helping Mom with Kaityn. He is enjoying school and doing well. If you ask him his favorite part his answer would be math. He says, "It's awesome."
Kaibryn is 5. She is Mommy's little helper. There is not a day that goes by where I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning and I back up and I about fall over because she is right behind me. She loves to help do anything. She makes us laugh quite often. She is becoming quite the drama queen though. One day last week we ran an errand (probably went to Sonic) and we left her carseat in Chris's truck. I told her she could just ride in the seat and buckle up. She said, "My wish has finally come true. I have always wanted to ride in the regular seat...thank you Mommy." Thanks to her my laundry has doubled. She is constantly changing clothes. The other day she came out in a "flowery" tank top, her "princess" shorts, pink tutu, black leggings, black "tap shoes" (AKA pattened leather shoes), a pink scarf and a tiara and said, "Mommy, don't I look beautiful?" She also is doing well in school. She is keeping up with Christopher and soaks everything in.
Cooper, Cooper, Cooper...what do I say about Cooper except everytime I see him or think about him it brings a smile to my face. Cooper is3. He has never met a stranger and everyone loves him. He is really into playing the guitar - whether real or imaginary. This past Sunday I worked in the nursery. The 3 and 4 year olds have their own little worship service. While in there they were singing songs along with a video and Cooper on othe front row starts playing his "air guitar". Neal Livingston the leader said, "Good job Cooper. I see you brought your guitar again today." I started laughing because it sound like Cooper brings his guitar every week. He and Chris's dinner time is usually about twice as long as everyone else's because it takes him so long to eat. We really think he likes the one on one time with Dad. I think that Dad enjoys it as well. He is still very much into Cars and quite often he informs us that his name is "Lightning McQueen." He is our little miracle and can't imagine our family without him.
Kaityn Mae is almost 11 months. We can't believe how quickly time has gone by. She is happy all the time and is faster than Lightning McQueen on some days. I am constantly asking, "Has anyone seen Kaityn Mae." She loves the toilet...yes, disgusting; and loves getting into everything. None of the other three kids ever got into the cabinets or into things. So all this is a new experience for me. Climbing has also become one of her favorite games. She climbs into her toy basket, onto stairs, ladders, and booster seats. She is beginning to take a few steps and even now is in her bed crying and saying, "MaMa, MaMa". She can say, "DaDa, Bubba, and TaToo (thank you)". She is precious. She is still in the "bed baby" room at church because she is so happy there. She smiles at everyone but goes to no one except for her Mom. She is definately a Momma's girl...good at times, frustrating at times.
Then there is Christ & I. Chris still really enjoys his job and is very involved with the student ministry at church. For Christmas we got a "Nintendo Wii". There have been many a nights where we have stayed up WAY past our bed time and I have beat him at our new favorite game "Guitar Hero." He does not like that too much so I'm thinking about letting him win every once in a while. I am busy doing the usual, cleaning, changing diapers, playing, teaching piano, teaching school, etc.
As I look at this picture with the longest blog post in history I am reminded about how blessed we are with 4 great children
and just a great family.


stonecoldcleric said...

Keli! Finally a post from you!!!!!! J/k I love the pic of ya'll all dressed up! You look so pretty! And the kids look great too. Oh yeah, Chris looks good too...let's work on a trip to b'ville soon!! :) Blessings, Becky