Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kaityn Mae's Discovery

Well, Kaityn has begun eating some table food and she really enjoys it. In earlier posts I talked about how she is into everything. I don't know how she got this box of crackers but she loved them. Today she discovered OREO cookies. As you can tell from the picture she enjoyed them as well...her Grandad would be proud.


stonecoldcleric said...

She's a stinker!!! Kaityn is such a cutie! I know it won't be long before Olivia will be into everything..I'm enjoying the "stay put" phase! Becky

Lori Leigh said...
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Lori Leigh said...

So Hudson is sad because Christopher looks "so grown up"and he wishes he could see him. And also, here is my e-mail address.... ~ Lori Yarborough

Mrs. Troop said...

Hey Girl!
Got here from your MIL's blog. How fun is this? Little did I know every one was out there blogging away.
How are the kiddos? Take care~