Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Anderson Weekend

Well, as I sit here I am thinking about our busy weekend and wishing that it keep going on for a few more days. I love the weekends mainly for the reason that all of six of us are home and together. Our weekends are usually pretty busy and this one was no exception. Saturday was a big day for Christopher. He lost another tooth. Losing it (like the others) was quite traumatic. There were many tears shed over the pain...even though the tooth was dangling. However, Sunday morning he woke up even more upset because the tooth fairy forgot to leave money in his "baggy." We told him that it was because the tooth fairy did not recognize the baggy his tooth was in. We put his tooth in a sandwich size baggy instead of a snack size baggy like the other teeth. That seemed to make him happy. Hopefully the tooth fairy will not forget to visit him tonight.
Saturday was crazy at our house. I had a baby shower for a friend and trying to get ready for that with four kids can be pretty tricky. Chris was a HUGE help and did whatever I needed with a "happy heart." I know that he would have rather just relaxed but he knew this was important to me and I am so grateful for him and his willingness to help. He's a great Dad and an awesome husband whom I love greatly. He took Kaityn and the boys to my parents house and Kaibryn stayed with me. She is such a big help as well and she loves to help, so having an extra set of hands that day was great doing last minute jobs. As you can tell from the "blurry" picture she loved the chocolate fountain. While gifts were being opened and people were talking I noticed that she was gone. I walked into the dining room and saw her licking the chocolate off the fountain. Thankfully people were finished eating. Everyone laughed and she enjoyed the attention. She has such a sweet sensitive heart and she loves her brother (even though there are times when it does not show). I was getting ready for church and she said, "Mommy, Christopher is on the couch and he is really sad..." (about the tooth fairy). Then she said, "Mommy, I want to whisper something in your ear." I leaned down and she said, "I have some money in my room that I will give him." To be honest with you, I almost started crying. Sweet!!!
Kaityn likes to be in the middle of everything that is going on. saturday morning I was folding some clothes and she decided to climb in and make herself comfortable. She's so CUTE!!!!
To end our weekend, after church we went to eat with the students. We were eating and the owner of the restaurant brought out popsicles for the kids. Cooper was so excited. As you can tell in the picture Cooper has a red popsicle face and two of his favorite things...his "blanky" and his dolphin.
The day is almost over and I'm sleepy so I'm off. I pray everyone has a great week...I'm looking forward to next weekend.

I tried posting pictures but had a hard time. I will try to post pictures later!!!!!


Jenny Friend said...

hi keli..

how funny to run into you on a blog! Hope you are doing well. Your kiddos are beautiful!