Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kaityn Mae

Tonight Chris took the older three with him to church and Kaityn Mae and I are just hanging out. Oh how I love this little girl. She is our baby and I find myself trying to soak up everything she does. She is such a girly girl who loves everthing princess...Cinderella, Snow White, Aerial, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Her little personality is showing up these days and we just laugh.

Here are some Kaityn Mae-Mae facts...

*She LOVES her brothers ("Poopa" - Cooper;" Fiffa" - Christopher) and her sister "My Kaben" )Kaibryn. She never just says Kaibryn it is always preceded by the word "My" it is the cutest thing ever.

*She is potty trained (Hallelujah and boo hoo at the same time)

*If two things look alike she says, "Those sames."

*If you give her something like a gift she says, "Oh, thank-you-so-muuuuch" in a whisper/excited voice.

*She loves books and puzzles.

*She loves to wear a dress or skirt.

*She changes clothes and shoes non-stop throughout the day.

*She loves to wear bows and always requests one when I fix her hair.

*She can be a tad bit bossy at times.

*She gets very concerned if someone gets hurt. She is so kind hearted and likes to make sure everyone is OK.

*She is always carrying a baby around and sometimes two. One she usually calls the "Mommy baby" and the other is the "Baby baby."

*She talks fast and loud when she is really excited about something. Which means we usually cannot understand what she is saying.

*She will tattle on herself. If she gets put in time out at Sunday school or LIttle Sprouts she usually lets us know before we ask.

*Will sing the "Dora" theme song ALL DAY LONG if we would let her.

*She LOVES to point out all the baby Jesus's in a manger scene. She will point and say, "Oh, baby Jesus."

This is just a little about our princess. She makes us smile. She is growing up so fast. I cannot believe she is almost 3. It makes me sad and happy at the same time.



mom2camo said...

I love reading about Kaityn! She reminds me so much of Olivia. They could be little twins!