Sunday, January 31, 2010

Will Try Harder to Blog

I have been a bad blogger. Most of the time I think it is because I have nothing to blog about. Then I think to myself..."Self...are you kidding me? You have 4 kids."

I have been (just like several other people) snowed in my house and spent alot (probably too much) time reading and catching up on blogs. Many I have read said they blog so they can have a journal for their kids. I often wonder why blog when there are maybe 2 people who read it but my perspective has changed.


for my 2 readers who give me a hard time for not blogging...I am going to try to do a better job for my kids. I am getting older and they are growing up so fast and I want to remember the little things that they do.


for my first blog back I would like to introduce you to my husband CHRIS ANDERSON.

He is my answer to prayer. When I was in high school I made a list of things to pray for in a husband. Chris fit everything on my list. I am so sad that I cannot find that list. However, one thing (there are many) I do remember praying is that my future husband would not have to play sports well but know a little bit about it where he could carry on an intelligent conversation about it. Well, if you know Chris, he knows EVERYTHING about sports. Sports you know well like football, basketball, baseball, etc. and then the not so common sports like hockey, soccer, tennis (which we NEVER watch but he could tell you all about it).

Here are some fun facts about him that I love...

1. He loves me unconditionally and shows me every day.

2. He is extremely patient.

3. He is so kind and not easily angered (believe me I give him alot of opportunities to be "amens" from family members please)

4. He is a servant. He would do anything for anyone.

5. He is a fun Dad. He makes the most mundane things seem fun.

6. He is very frugal...we make a good match because I am not (but am working on it).

7. He has such a tender heart and is always quick to seek forgiveness if he has done something wrong.

8. He has never met a stranger and everyone he meets leaves feeling as though they are best friends.

9. He is full of ideas. If anyone asks for a solution to a problem or suggestions to solve a problem he always has a thought and it is good.

10. He loves me!!!!!!!

Several years ago we were questioning where God had us and what God's will was for us. I told him that God had great things planned for him. I am so proud of him for being obedient to what God wanted us to do instead of what I wanted to do. He has really stepped up to leadership roles in our church and in our student ministry. It is so fun to see him interact with students. They love him and trust him. There have been several times when there have been students who are having problems and they call Chris. He loves them and is often meeting and taking them to lunch and just hanging out with them. What a good example he is to our kids of loving God, loving others and serving others. I want each one of our kids to be just like their Daddy.

Now to the picture up on top of this post...

Let me start off by saying when I ask Chris to go to the store to pick up a few things he ALWAYS comes back with more than what is on the list because it looked good or it was a good deal.

Last week I asked Chris to stop by the Asian market to get some Jasmine rice because I could not find any at Wally World. He called and asked how much rice usually was. I couldn't remember because I hadn't bought it in such a long time. He said that he got a big bag. Well what I thought was a big bag and what he thought was a big bag was two different things. He came home with a 20 POUND BAG OF JASMINE RICE...seriously. I have the picture to prove it. He was so proud of himself. I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

That is Chris. I love him so much!!!!


Squirly Girls said...

First off, I love your design! So pretty. Secondly, I love the post. Great marriages are hard to find. Keep blogging, 'cause you have many followers.

Mrs. Troop said...

What a very sweet post!