Monday, September 7, 2009

What a Weekend?

Around our house it is always a zoo. Something going on. Something being broken. Something being knocked over. Something. But it is always fun and entertaining.

Friday night we just hung out here at the house and watched a movie.

Saturday was the game. Well, you know...not a pretty game. Chris was able to get tickets to go to Dallas to see OU play. He had a great time but got in super late.

Sunday after church we had family come over and we ate together and then took much needed naps. When everyone (but Chris) woke up I thought I would take them to the park to play so he could get some sleep. The kids were having a great time laughing and playing with each other and the other kids who were there.

While they were playing Kaibryn wanted help on the monkey bars. I tried to help her across but she was so heavy and wiggly. She got down and went and played with something else. A few minutes later I saw her climb up on the monkey bars again. She was holding on with one hand, swung back to get some momentum. When she swung forward to grab the other bar she slipped off and fell to the ground. I saw her lift her head and jumped up and ran over to her and when she stood up...her arm. Oh my goodness. it was the strangest sight. I knew something was not right. She is so tough though. She just kept saying, "ow. it hurts." But she NEVER cried. I called Chris told him we were coming home and told him I thought Kaibryn broke her arm.

We headed out to the ER...waited 3 is broken. There are two bones broken in her wrist. They did not set it because they said that it would probably slip back. They put it in a sling and wrapped it very well.

Tomorrow we will go to an orthopedic dr. to have him possibly set it or do a little surgery to set it. We won't know until tomorrow.

Like I said...she is TOUGH. She did alot better than her Mom did last night. She wants to get up and walk around. She says it is not hurting. All the kids are being so sweet to her and helping her out. So for today we are watching movies trying to keep her still and her arm elevated.


Mrs. Troop said...

Feelin' your pain. :-) Craziness, isn't it?