Friday, September 11, 2009

Rainy Season Then Sunshine

You know the saying "When it rains it pours." Well, I am ready for this "rainy" week to be over.

This week started off with Kaibryn breaking her wrist in two places and ends with Chris messing up his finger quite badly. God has been so good to open doors to go see a Dr. today. We thought we were going to have to wait several days.


God is good!!!!!!! He knew this Momma needed some encouragement. Christopher has LOVED learning about the planets and solar system these past couple of weeks at school. He came home today with his "Space Journal." I was looking through it and came across his entry on August 25th.

Just in case you can't read it it says...

"on my trip to the moon i would take mom. i love hr becuse she cooks. shes good."

That was good for this Momma to read even if he only wants to take me to the moon because I am a good cook. At least he wants me to go with him...haha!!!!


Mrs. Troop said...

Look how cute things are over here! I've missed keeping up with you all. Where does the time go? Praying for you - it's been pouring over here, too. Hang in there, Girl!

MyShannonigans said...

It is amazing how the simple things can encourage us as moms! Loved reading this!