Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Little Gymnast

Last night was Kaibryn's end of the year gymnastics program. She has done gymnastics for a little less than a year. When she first started she was nervous about anything new. She did not like walking on the high beam, she was afraid of falling off the bars & she could not do a cartwheel or a bridge. Well, now if you ask her she LOVES the bars (she has the strongest arms of any little girl I have ever seen...she is cut). She gets up on the highest beam and can spin around on her toes, she can do a cartwheel, she can get up in a bridge & can kick back out of it (w/a little help). She has made some friends and absolutely LOVES her teacher Miss Rebecca. Miss Rebecca has been so encouraging to her this year.

We are taking the summer off but she'll start back in August. She is already looking forward to it.


Sasha said...

that's so neat!

mom2camo said...

I might check into that for mabry...kind of looks like something she would like!