Thursday, May 14, 2009

AWANA Cubbies Award Night

Tonight was the last night for Cooper in AWANA's. He received an award for finishing his book & doing the extra stuff in the book. He LOVED AWANAS. It was not uncommon for us to pick him up & his leader would tell us he changed his name to "Luke Skywalker" or "Wolverine" or "Batman". Cooper is quite the character.

He is friends with everyone & loves everyone except a friend of ours who always shows Cooper the Longhorn sign. The other night Cooper & I were talking about how we are to love everyone. He said, "I love everyone...(Pause)...except for Mr. Johnny he is a 'poo poo head' fan. He always tries to get me to do this (the longhorn sign). I don't like him." It was very funny. Yesterday at lunch Chris brought home pizza for lunch for my BD & the kids were asking if they could go see "Night at the Museum" 2. Chris said, "I'll have to pray about it." Cooper looked as if he were praying & looked up at the ceiling and said, "What did you say?" He then said, "Daddy, He said, yes." We laughed so hard.

Hard to believe that this boy entered the world at 3 lbs., 6 oz. What a joy he is. I am so grateful that he LOVES church. His little heart is so sweet.


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