Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa's A Sooner

We went to the mall today to get the kids picture taken with Santa. However, I ended up in the picture as well because Kaityn Mae was not about to have anything to do with the Santa.

While walking through the mall Santa was walking around as well. I guess he was on a lunch break.

This is the conversation that took place...

Santa: "Howdy"

Kids: "Hi"

Santa: "Have you been good this year?"

Kids: "Yes"

Santa: "Good job. Have a Merry Christmas."

Kids: "Merry Christmas."

A few minutes later...

Kaibryn: "Mommy, why did Santa say, 'Howdy'?"

Me: "Well...he's in Oklahoma and sometimes that's how people say hi."

Kaibryn: **slight pause** "Oh, that's why he wears red & white."

Me: "Yes, honey. Santa is a Sooner fan."



Mrs. Troop said...

Yeah, I think you're right! :-)

mom2camo said...

Boomer Sooner!!!