Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We just got back yesterday from spending the weekend at the lake with Chris's family. His Aunt is here from Taiwan and my sister and brother-in-law drove down from Kansas City. It was a long and hot weekend. The kids really enjoyed swimming and riding on PaPa Clark's boat. They were exhausted and there cheeks got a little pink but they had no complaints. It was fun to see Christopher and Kaibryn put in to practice what they have been learning at their swim lessons.

Saturday was a long day for me. Kaityn got to get in the lake in the morning, which she loved. She has no fear of water just like her brother Cooper. She went right in and was putting her face in the water and splashing. That afternoon she and I stayed in the trailer while the others were outside. It was so hot and she gets red from the heat very quickly and I did not want to deal with a hot sunburned baby. She and I sat in the trailer and stacked those red "Dixie" cups over and over and over and over and over...I think you get the point. She enjoyed it. She is such a MaMa's girl and would not go to anyone else but me. I felt like I had a growth on my hip.

However, even though Saturday was long and not the most fun, Sunday made the trip all worth it. We went to a little church in Rubottom, Oklahoma...yes, there is really such a place. His Aunt got up and spoke about Taiwan a little bit and then sang "How Great Is Our God" a capella. She said that if anyone knew the song then just sing with her. Well, evidently no one in the church knew that song except for us. Chris and I sat in the back with Kaityn and the other three sat up front. When Larissa started singing, the only people who sang with her were our kids. It was the sweetest sound to my ears. They might have not been singing on pitch or with the same rhythm as their Aunt but to hear those sweet voices singing "How great is our God, sing with me, how great is our God and all will see how great how great is our God." Chris and I were in the back with tears flowing down our faces. After she got done singing PaPa Clark got up and had Cooper go up on stage with him. You see, Rubottom Baptist Church was the church that PaPa Clark was the interim Pastor when Cooper was born. They prayed for Cooper and ask about him all the time. When he was holding Cooper, once again the tears flowed down my cheeks. What a miracle that little guy is. Sometimes I get so busy in my daily "doings" that I forget that. What an awesome reminder to me of how blessed we are and how great our God is.

If you can please pray for our PaPa Clark (Chris's Granda). He has the shingles and it is pretty bad. It is a miracle that he was able to get up Sunday morning and preach. He is in alot of pain. After church we went over to their house for lunch before heading back home and even though he was in pain he and Kaibryn had a little dance together. Talk about love. He loves each one of our kids so much and I noticed that he went around to each one of them and told them that "PaPa Clark loves you." What an amazing, sweet, spirit filled man to put aside his pain to dance with his sweet Granddaughter who loves him so much.

We are home now and we have our little cousin over this week to play. The kids are having so much fun. I'll post more pictures of our weekend later.

Hope everyone has a great week. Take time to remember and praise our God for being a great God.


Daisy Girl said...

What a sweet dance. Aren't Grandpas the best! Thanks for sharing about your weekend.

mom2camo said...

That is SO sweet...thanks for sharing that with us! Glad you are back...missed reading about your days!

The She and I Show said...

That used to be me with grandpa! :)He's a good dancer. We all love our Papa Clark and he is a very special man. It made me cry seeing them dance and it's sweet that she will always have this video to remember it. We had a great time seeing everyone. Love you!

mom2camo said...

Kel...saw your haircut on Candace's's so cute! I bet it's easy to fix!

Grana said...

Cute!!!!!!! The funny thing about seeing my dad dancing, the preacher, is I would have been punished, and of course was, for doing that! LOL! That is so precious to see her enjoying her PaPa and he is having a great time as well! Just knowing how bad he is feeling and yet he still is having fun, is amazing! That's for posting that, it made my day!

Grana said...

I meant to say thanks for posting!
No sleep, means less brain!

Mrs. Troop said...