Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cooper's Cure

Well, today has been a sad day for Cooper. He was supposed to go over to his friend Brady's house to play. I waited until this morning to tell him. Well, not 30 minutes AFTER I told him he started complaining about his "neck" hurting...meaning his throat. I had to cancel his play day and boy was he upset. It was so sad. His little heart was broken.

A little while later he started crying saying his ear hurt and kept pulling on it. I decided (b/c the Dr. is out of town, of course) that I would go get some Hyland's Ear Drops. Well, they were sold out (of course). Cooper kept crying and finally said twice, "I want to go to the Dr.". My goodness, poor guy, he was in so much pain.

After spending an hour at the emergency clinic with him shaking and crying and the top of his lungs we found out he had an ear infection in both ears. He finally calmed down and slept some on the way home. When we got home I asked him if he wanted to rest and watch a movie and of course he chose "Cars." AS SOON AS I STARTED THE MOVIE he wanted a snack, was quoting the lines and was bubbly again. But there has been no more tears.

If I only had known that the movie would have worked I would have put it on this morning. He is doing better. He is in the kitchen with me right now dancing to some music and playing his guitar.

What a sweet boy.


Daisy Girl said...

Sick kids really wear a mama out! You just have so much physical and emotional energy wrapped up in them. I am so glad he is feeling better!

Mrs. Troop said...

Glad he's feeling better - sorry about the ears. We're having trouble with that here, too. I just keep telling myself that they WILL grow up and not get sick so often and then I will wish it were only an ear infection. :-)
No, they are fun growing up, too. The little ones just seem tiring sometimes.
Take care!