Friday, August 28, 2009

We're Off...School Year 2009

Well, today officially ends the 2nd full week of school. I cannot believe it has gone by this quick. Thankfully I am able to say that the kids LOVE it. They look forward to going everyday and joyfully do their homework...right now. :)

The Tuesday before school started we had "Meet the Teacher." Before we left I prayed that God would encourage me to know that this is what we were to be doing. These were my babies who had been with me every day of their life and now I sending them off to be in the care of another. I KNOW this is what we are supposed to do but me of little faith needed another affirmation...God is good.

We met Kaibryn's teach first (Mrs. Bingham). She is very sweet. I think she could tell I was a "newby" because I kept asking questions. She said if I ever had any questions to let her know. She said that she knows how hard it is to send your kids off to school...they are your babies and you want to know that they are to be taken care of...remember the prayer I prayed that morning. Reaffirmation #1.

Next was Christopher's class. I prayed so hard for the kids teachers over the summer that there would be a special connection between them and my children. Christopher is ALL boy...hyper (all the time), finishes through things quickly (there is always something else to do or play with...and I wanted a teacher who would work with us to help him. Well, when I walked into his room tears came to my eyes. His teacher is a friend of my younger brother and used to go to our church. When I talked to her a few days before I did not recognize her married name. Reaffirmation #2.

God has been so good and faithful to this Mom of little faith at times.

Christopher & Kaibryn are both doing great. There have been a couple issues we have had to deal with but God has truly blessed us with kids who are teachable. My prayer now is that I won't look past "teachable moments."

Cooper, Kaityn and I go to "Little Sprouts Learning Center" at our church on Tuesday and Thursday. Cooper loves it & Kaityn walked into her class for the first time Thursday and did not cry. Another answer to prayer. On the first day (the first day of school for the older 2) she screamed and I walked out of the room with her...both of us in tears. She loves it though and I love going by and seeingw hat she is doing. She always talks about her friends "Dacwee" (Zachary), "Owie Tate" (Ellie Kate), "Atley" (Ashley) and "Ason" (Addison).

I teach in Cooper's class with a friend of mine. I absolutely love it. I was a little nervous at first but look forward to going each week. Cooper and one other boy are the oldest in there. He is learning that he is the leader now. He is to set the example and other kids will follow. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do school with him in the afternoon. He is doing so much better than I expected. He is sounding out words and learning to write his letters and numbers. I am LOVING this time with just him and look forward to it.

I have purposed in my heart that this year my kids will be sent off with a happy momma. Mornings can be hectic but we have made time before they leave to sit down, read out of the Bible and pray. They are going to be faced with alot from the world and I want them to know God's Word has the answer to any situation or problem that they will face. I want them to leave a happy home and come home to a happy home and Momma.

This is going to be a fun year and I look forward to growing and being stretched.

I also have been talked into being a homeroom Mom.....WHAT??????????!!!! Good thing I had good homeroom Moms when I was a teacher. They have set a good example for me.

Hope everyones school year is off to a great start.


Sumer said...

So glad things are going well for the kids! How exciting that you ALL are doing things new this year! Thanks for reminding me that kids should have a happy mom in the morning . . . so tough for me!

Mrs. Troop said...

You're such a wonderful Momma. :-)