Monday, July 27, 2009

School Supplies

Every year, beginning the first week in August, I have this picture of Wal-Mart and Target being a ZOO because everyone is buying their school supplies. And every year I would make a mental note to myself to remember when I am getting my kids supplies (which at that time seemed FOREVER away & here it is) to get them early and not wait.

Well, I remembered and this weekend school supplies were bought. Honestly, it was kind of fun. Kaibryn went with us to get them. The boys HATE shopping so they were happy to stay home. I have never bought so many pencils, crayons & glue sticks at one time. It was still pretty crowded but we were able to get everything that we needed.

So here they are. Now the goal for the next few weeks is to keep little fingers away from them!!!!!!!!!!!


Sasha said...

looks like you're all set for school - isn't it amazing how much stuff they need for school? I recently did about half of the supplies shopping for Annicka ... I don't even know yet if Jericho will get into preschool, and if so what supplies he'll need? Way to go getting it all done early!

Mrs. Troop said...

How fun! I love getting ready for school - all of the new, sharp pencils and supplies. Ahhhhh.
But I must admit, I dread it at this poing in our lives. Ugh. :-)

Sumer said...

Looks like fun ~ haven't made the supplies list, just the book list. Ouch! Your kids are so beautiful and I really enjoy reading your blog. This is only our second year of home schooling, I hope it gets easier. . . but we are having fun, just hope we are learning something too! :0) Thanks for the sweet note, glad we found "each other!"