Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend At the Andersons

What a fun weekend we had. It was busy but we were together and we had fun.

FRIDAY - I took the kids swimming & I am convinced that I gave birth to fish, except for Kaityn Mae. For some reason she HATES the water and will only go on the top step. However, Christopher would swim up to her and jump up and she would laugh that deep belly laugh and pat him on the head. She did this over and over until she slipped and went all the way in the water. Then she was finished. No more for her.

Friday night we had a "Connection Group" leaders meeting at a teachers house and we had a blast. Kaityn Mae stayed with Grandad & Nana because I knew that we would be late. Our older three took off as soon as we got there to play with their friends. There was fishing, a trampoline, a golf cart type car, & of course swimming. What do you think the kids did most of the time...yes, swim. It has been great knowing people with pools who will allow us to come over.

SATURDAY - Saturday I got up and ran & then fixed us some yummy breakfast - toad-n-the-holes & turkey bacon. My kids would eat bacon all day if I would let them. They love it. After Chris mowed the front yard we went swimming again. I got to swim this time because Kaityn stayed the night with Grandad & Nana. Chris and I LOVE to swim (wonder where the kids got it). I made a picnic lunch and just enjoyed playing together.

Saturday afternoon we went to a "Hawaiian" themed wedding of a couple who used to work for Chris when he was at the tag office . It was very "earthy." Everything was compared to water, sand & sky. When we left I felt weird. Where was the sacredness (word?)? I left empty. I also left so thankful for a God who is the perfect husband and who is preparing me His bride. The wedding was outside and when I say HOT, it does not even begin to describe how hot it was. We were facing the sun & we were sweating like crazy.

I brought my camera to take some pictures of my kids. They are getting so old and would roll their eyes when I would say, "Let me take your picture." You know what though...I'm going to continue to do it because they are getting so old.


mom2camo said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I love the kid's pictures. About to take the kids swimming myself, and it's easier said than done, since none of them know how to swim. I hope they adjust to using their floaties!!