Monday, November 3, 2008

I 've Been Tagged

Well, Mrs. Troop has tagged me, so here goes.


1. Not really random, but I LOVE Sonic...Vanilla Diet Coke Easy might be an addiction. My husband knows this is the way
to my heart.

2. I have always wanted four children and from the time I was little I wanted to name one of them "Christopher Michael". That
is my husbands name and the name of our oldest.

3. I have always been a home-body and having people over for dinner stressed me out. Now, I love having friends over for
dinner and almost every Thursday night we have people over for dinner & football.

4. I love college football and know more about it now than when I was in High School. Pretty sad because I was a cheerleader
and only knew that when we had the ball we were on offense.

5. All during Jr. High I had a major crush on a certain guy. He married my friend over at "Mrs. Troop."

6. My husband and I even though have always gone to the same church almost our whole lives never really hung out until Falls Creek 1999. He won my heart there playing ping-pong. He says he let me win but we all know I really won. When I prayed for my husband, I was pretty specific. One prayer I prayed was that he did not necessarily have to be good
at playing sports but he needed to know just enough to carry on a conversation with anyone about it. Well, if you know
Chris...he knows ALOT about sports...even random sports that you would not think of.

7. I love to plan out meals for our family. Last month I spent less than $200 on groceries. I might be bragging a little bit but
am proud of myself. Hopefully, no one will show up for a meal tonight; needless to say I need to buy some serious
groceries. God is good and has provided for us and I know He will continue to do so.

**Thanks Mrs. Troop for "tagging" me. Now, I'm tagging Candace at "Sheandishow" and my friend Becky at "OutsidetheCamp."

Hope everyone has a great Monday.


mom2camo said...

Thanks for tagging me, I have some work to do! I love your random things...although I must admit I knew most all of them already...except the crush!! How funny! I guess I could include my jr. high crush on my random list too!!

Lori said...

So, I am SO laughing about the "crush"! Ha! SO did not know that. And I am SO impressed that you only spent $200 on food last month. HOW did you do that? You MUST do a post!

Mrs. Troop said...

OK. You have GOT to post about how you feed your family on that much! I spend a small fortune. And I know we have a bigger family, but I WAY need to get control of it, here.
And too funny about the crush! You're brave to admit it - I'm not about to admit who I had a crush on in Jr. High! :-)
LOVE your list! Thanks for playing along.

The She and I Show said...

Thanks for tagging me. That was fun! See you Thursday for dinner...just kidding! :)